Tropical night reserved for the continent as temperatures fall to 2°C across the Highlands

Overnight [18-06] minimum temperatures

Another warm night across the southeast with minima in the range 14 to 18°C so no tropical night last night in the UK, which was probably due to the cooling east north easterly breeze of the North Sea lowering temperatures from the Friday night levels, but that was not the case across large parts of France, Belgium and the Netherlands where many stations saw minimums no lower than 22 or 23°C.

It’s good to see the UKMO are on the ball when it comes to forecasting overnight temperatures in their video forecast, as well as coming out with a bit of gobbledygook in the voice over. At a quick glance I notice that the forecast temperature for Glasgow was 12°C when in fact it was 7°C, and no mention of a possible ground frost across the Highlands where they were expecting a ‘muggy night’. What with yesterday’s forecast of 37°C for London I would think the UKMO are having problems with their mesoscale model at the moment.

The reason I had to revert to using Youtube is that any BBC weather forecast (bar the one for the week ahead) on iPlayer is automatically deleted by the BBC the next day. That’s very convenient for Meteogroup and means if you want evidence of a particular poor forecast you have to anticipate it and grab it whilst it’s happening at the time, otherwise the forecast just disappears, thankfully this is not the case with Youtube, and this is maybe the reason why the BBC don’t allow Meteogroup to use Youtube to disseminate their forecasts with.

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