Tropical Storm Arthur just scrapes in

Arthur has just scraped in as a tropical storm this morning, that’s because Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft measured (estimated) a two minute mean speed of 33 to 36 knots to the southeast of it’s centre, which is enough to qualify it as a tropical storm, even though winds are forecast to be even stronger when it transitions back to an extratropical storm in 48 to 60 hours time. Looking down the list of earliest tropical storms in the North Atlantic since 1851 Arthur is almost six weeks earlier than average, but as far as I can determine it’s only 18th in the ranking of earliest and far from being the earliest by a long chalk, so we can’t blame Arthur on AGW although somebody probably already has. Arthur has been a popular name at the NHC down through the years, I reckon it’s about time they gave Albert (rather than Alberto) or Arnold a turn.

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