Tropical Storm Gonzalo dies a death

Tropical storm Gonzalo was a bit of a nightmare for the NHC who had a one time expected it to mature into a category one hurricane, but ultimately Gonzalo disappointed their expectations and dissipated well before it reached Grenada. Apologies for being really late to the party on this one because the tropical cyclone dissipated on Saturday when I was otherwise engaged catching up after lock down. I realise that Gonzalo was a very small tropical storm and that most of the world’s NWP models were expecting it to dissipate before it reached hurricane status but I don’t think I’ve seen the NHC ever fail by such an ultra cautious approach to a tropical cyclone before. I personally think that there’s so much media hype for a record tropical season this year in the north Atlantic that even the NHC are getting caught up with some of the hysteria themselves.

Courtesy of NHC

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