Trough man at it again

Courtesy UKMO

It looks like they’re short staffed down at Exeter again and have had to allow Trough man out to do a couple of rounds of shifts because the number of troughs has been going up in the last week. I’m curious why the troughs he draws seem to primarily occur over land rather than sea. The number of troughs in the 06 UTC analysis this morning are very modest at six, and nowhere is record of thirteen, but I suspect the number will rise as he gets his eye in. They’re certainly not like the troughs described in the Met Glossary, and seem to me to be just random squiggles and often aligned with the isobars.
On a completely different front (pardon the pun) – It’s been a lovely sunny morning right from sunrise here in Ross-shire and I can’t see any evidence of the occlusion that’s drawn through Inverness.

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