Turning colder for all

Courtesy BBC

The headline Susan Powell used in her lunchtime weather forecast was “Turning colder for all” slightly grates with me living as I do in the North of Scotland, where believe it or not it’s been cold since just after Christmas, in fact it was the coldest January up here for 36 years with a mean temperature of just 0.3°C. Not that anyone at Meteogroup or any of it’s weathercasters down at the BBC gave the cold weather much attention during the last month in many of their forecasts relying on stock phrases such as “very mild for many”. I think it would have been a much more honest a headline if she had said “the cold weather in the north will spread south” rather than “turns colder for all“, but it seems that in Meteogroup land it’s only cold when they say it’s cold, or should that be rather chilly?

Courtesy UKMO
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