UK Rainfall since 05 UTC yesterday

Estimated rainfall accumulations from weather radar
06-06 Rainfall totals from SYNOP reports

Results from my rainfall estimates from weather radar were a bit mixed over the last 30 hours. My estimate for Capel Curig was too high whilst the estimate for Keswick was on the low side. That’s not totally surprising, because you only need to be slightly out with accessing the pixel for the requisite location that you’re interested in and the results you get could be skewed either one way or the other, and my XY to lat long function is not exactly that precise. The only way I can fix that is higher resolution weather radar, but I haven’t noticed any pigs in the sky so far today.
Back to the rainfall, and there looks to have been well over 125 mm on the high ground across Cumbria, other red pixels were to be found in northwest Ireland and the northwest of Wales. Overall the Met Office look to have done a good job with there yellow warning, which was accurate as far as totals was concerned, but omitted to include the area of 100 mm plus rainfall across Snowdonia in it.

Courtesy of the UKMO
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