UK Wind analysis – 8 February 2020

Just a quick look back at Saturdays’ winds across IONA. A lot of people including me, got rather confused with yesterday’s strong winds ahead of an active frontal system, thinking it was Storm Ciara. Some news reports that I saw were under the impression that this was Storm, whilst BBC weather presenters assured us that Ciara wouldn’t show up until Sunday, followed by dire apocalyptic advice on what would happen when the storm “hit”. Anyway back to yesterdays old news and the maximum gusts across the country which the Met Office did have a yellow warning out for. The yellow warning just about covered it – but apart from coastal gales and a gust 82 mph from the Welsh wind tunnel aka as Capel Curig – the warning of gusts to 50-60 mph inland and 70 mph on coasts barely scraped in. The area of the yellow warning – which I didn’t take a screenshot of because of all the hoo-ha over Sunday – was extended southward to cover the Irish sea and probably needed extending even further south right into Cornwall in light of this analysis.

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