Upper vortex

There is an upper trough that’s pushing up across the Midlands at the moment, that’s spinning this interesting vortex of rain northwestward. It’s obviously now a relaxing feature, and it’s not really visible as a cut-off feature in the 00 UTC 850 hPa upper air chart. I notice that the UK upper air network is missing it’s only station in Scotland at midnight – Lerwick. Just compare our sonde coverage with that of our neighbours in Europe in the following chart, that coupled with our unique position at the edge of the eastern Atlantic make it inexcusable that radiosonde ascents are not being done at either Stornoway or Shanwell these days – but that’s another story. I wonder just how much the missing AMDAR data used in the various NWP models around the world is affecting forecasts at the moment? I certainly can say that I’ve not seen in any jets or contrails in the sky since the lockdown began.

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