Very British Weather – released to coincide with the 33rd anniversary of the great storm

The Met Office are certainly not shy when it comes to describing themselves as the ‘world’s greatest forecasters’ a topic that’s open to debate, and one that the French, Germans and maybe the Norwegians have something to say about. Ebury press say that this ‘trivia’ book explores the wisdom and wonders of weather with 365 ‘did you know’ questions such as:

  • Did you know the first daily weather forecast was published in Britain in 1861?
  • Did you know that we’re more likely to see a white Easter than a ‘White Christmas’ in the UK?  
  • Did you know the world’s average temperature has risen by around 1°C since the Industrial Revolution?

The secret behind these 365 hidden gems will be revealed to you for the measly price of just £13-59 and the book will be released on the 15th October.

Hold on a minute, isn’t the 15th of October the anniversary of the great storm of 1987, and one of the most embarrassing forecasting cock-ups in the whole of the Met Office’s long history?
That’s either a very cunning marketing ploy by Ebury Press or a joke at the Met Office’s expense.
I wonder if the forward to the book was written by Michael Fish himself ?

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