Warmest day of the year

Courtesy of the BBC

You might think I’m going completely mad and tilting at windmills here but this BBC news item from yesterday got me going. It was about the hottest day of the year. Why? Because if this news story was about the warmest day of the year, which happened to occur at Kinlochewe in Wester Ross, so why did the BBC think it necessary to start the item with the second warmest temperature at Northolt in West London? It reminded me of the broadcast by Darren Bett earlier this year about the cold weather. To me it shows how Scotia Myopia not only affects many of the weathercasters at the BBC but it’s also rampant in the news department too, although it may well be that since the weather team are all now salaried by the BBC this news item could well have been written by Darren Bett which would explain everything!

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  1. It was good they mentioned Scotland. I think they were showing it gets warmer as you go north.😄

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