Warmest place again in the North of Scotland

Altnaharra in Sutherland was the warmest place in IONA again today with a temperature of 23.8°C just pipping Aviemore to the top slot. There was a general range of anomalies today of 6 to 8°C above the long-term average across a large part of Scotland, and the reason why it was so warm across was the strong May sunshine. Places down the east coast that had a combination of a sea breeze and haar where between 4 and 6°C below the daily average.

As most of you well know I am a great believer in temperature anomalies, they level up the playing field from north to south. Anomaly charts reveal just how warm it was at a particular place by comparing the actual temperatures with the average temperature for that day, but weathercasters seem to be oblivious to their usefulness and rarely use them as a part of their presentations. Chris Fawkes was saying in his forecast today how the hottest day this week will probably be on Tuesday when temperatures could reach 26°C in London. For London in early June that would be an anomaly of around 6°C. Well today across Scotland anomalies at many inland sites across the Highlands were as high as 8°C above the long-term average. But of course 24°C is lower than 26°C which sounds much more exciting – and who’s interested in Scotland anyway?

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