Warmth lingers on across Northern Scotland but 10°C cooler across places further south

I was fearing the worst when I looked at the NWP for this weekend for the North of Scotland, but at least we have so far escaped the worst of it for today, with nothing much in the way of rain, and another close and bright afternoon up here with plenty of midges around just to take the edge of things if you were intending to stay outside for a while. The BBC do a good job alerting people about pollen, but midges can drive you to distraction at this time of the year, and if someone has developed an algorithm to predict them with, I’m sure there would have been a Met Office amber warning out for them.
The sea breeze is just preventing Lossiemouth registering a day three heatwave event, but Kinloss with 25.8°C was the warmest place at 13 UTC this afternoon, with anomalies close to 10°C above the LTA across abroad swathe. Further south the change in airmass has brought temperatures down as much as 10°C on yesterday’s values.

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