Way over the top from the UKMO

Originally tweeted by Met Office (@metoffice) on 26 March 2021.

I don’t dispute that rainfall accumulations could approach 250 mm across western parts of Scotland on Monday and Tuesday, but the video of the event the UKMO have posted in their twitter account paints far too bleak a picture of the heavy rain further east in Scotland. I like animations of NWP, they can be helpful, but this one makes no sense showing little gradation in the intensity of the orographic rainfall thats falling in the west to that which is falling further east. Rather than publish that animation, why didn’t they simply add an image from the ECMWF model of forecast accumulations which would have been much more helpful. Run the animation and it looks like the end of the world is coming across northern Scotland as it continues to rain for 48 hours straight. Information presented like this verges on the hysterical and could, and should have been done a lot better.

Courtesy wxcharts.com
Accumulations a little over inflated from showers over the weekend
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