We are not going to get it wrong this time

The Met Office are sticking to their policy of getting warnings out for strong winds as early as possible. I thought three days was more than ample, but this time they’ve gone one better, and put one out for Saturday. They mean business and are taking no chances this time, because they’ve highlighted the whole of the UK in a single blob of yellow. This obviously will not be the finished product, because it will go through at least two, three or maybe more updates before the big day arrives. Let’s hope they have more success with this one than they did with yesterday’s.

It maybe the 18 UTC start of the warning on Saturday will be the first thing that requires amending if the ECMWF model proves correct. The North Atlantic extratropical lows are forecast to come in thick and fast next week, the second chart is for Tuesday and the third for Wednesday of next week.

Courtesy of wxcharts.com
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