Wet start to December in eastern Scotland

The first week of December has been a pretty dreich wet affair across the east of Scotland. There’s been well over 70 mm of precipitation in one form or another at a number of places, and anomalies indicate that some places have seen over five times the average along the Moray coast. The way I’ve calculated the anomalies for the chart on the left might be slightly unorthodox. I did it by calculating the pro-rata total for the first 8 days from the LTA for the whole month. Surprisingly to me, because I worked at Kinloss for 8 years, the thirty year average for December at Kinloss is just 51 mm. So the average for the first 8 days of the month (or should that be just 7 days?) would give you an expected total of 13.2 mm when they have in fact recorded 78 mm, which equates to 588% of the average. I suppose that if the rest of the month remained completely dry than anomaly would steadily shrink to just over 150%.

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