Wettest year since 2014 in England and Wales

Not much of a headline I’ll admit but how exciting can a story get about annual rainfall totals? Especially when the year in question was neither extremely wet or dry. Anyway 2019, in the England and Wales monthly series which started in 1766, was indeed the wettest year since 2014 with a total of 974.5 mm (38.37″) which was 106.5% of the 1961-1990 LTA.

In the gridded daily UKP data series that started in 1931, the total for England and Wales in this series is much higher at 1096 mm for the whole of 2019. Don’t ask me why this is, all I do is add up the daily values to get an annual total, and as far as I can see I do that correctly. The five year centred average is not that dissimilar to the EWP series. I’ve forgotten about how the two series are calculated and it’s something I will have to check out when I get some time. But as you can see from the accumulations graph, 2019 was close to or maybe a little lower than average during the winter and spring months, before it became quite wet, first in June and then more generally towards the end of September and into the autumn.

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