What about further north?

Courtesy of UKMO

It’s really quite odd why the north of Scotland was left out of the yellow warning for ice the Met Office issued yesterday for early this morning. All the ingredients where there – showers of rain or snow (on higher ground) late in the afternoon or overnight – followed by a moderate frost. And why would a warning for ice start at 03 UTC when temperatures had already dipped below freezing well before midnight across a large part of the Highlands? It was cold overnight here, and it still is very cold, the temperature at 11 UTC as I write this is still -3°C down in the dip at the top end of the strath.

I see that the Met Office has not issued any warnings for today for Scotland, so presumably there is absolutely no risk at all of any of these showers edging further inland this afternoon and causing ice problems at places like Loch Glascarnoch on the A834 to Ullapool?

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