What’s happened to the CET data?

If you, like me, have been wondering what’s happened to the latest daily provisional CET data for 2020, the simple answer is that they haven’t calculated or published it yet. I did inform the Met Office last week about it and they are aware of the situation, so if you’re wondering why the graphs of latest daily CET haven’t been updated since the end of last year, it’s got nothing to do with me! Of course the Met Office could release all of their daily NCM climate data, which would include data for the three CET sites, then anyone could calculate the daily CET without any of the mysterious ‘urbanisation’ adjustments they like to apply. Thankfully the end of January is not too far away and hopefully that will jog them into action.


The Met Office did pass my complaint onto the team concerned, but I’ve still had no word back from them, and probably won’t if past experience is anything to go by, they are the Met Office after all. I did stumble on the solution to the problem which is caused by them switching their website from HTTP to the secure version HTTPS. I think the hypertext links to the CET data files on that page are still hard wired to HTTP rather than to HTTPS, and when you click to download it you download a file full of missing data (-32768). I wonder just how long it will be before it dawns on them and they change them?

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