What’s the point of weather warnings if they are never mentioned on the BBC?

Courtesy of the Met Office

I have just watched a couple of weather forecasts on the BBC this morning and neither mentioned the yellow or amber severe warnings currently in force for snow across much of the north. It does beg the question what’s the point of weather warnings issued by the national weather service when the national broadcaster doesn’t even mention them in their weather forecasts? I will admit it wasn’t much different when the Met Office had the BBC contract, but now with MeteoGroup in charge, weather warnings are more often than not totally ignored as they have been today. I suppose it does provide meaning for a group of people down in Exeter, and what would people like me and those hacks down at the Daily Mail and Daily Express do if they stopped?


I’m sure that someone is monitoring what I publish on xmetman down at the Meteogroup HQ, because in the BBC forecast at 1156 UTC the amber warning for snow for the southern uplands was finally mentioned by the weathercaster Elizabeth Rizzini in her forecast to prove me wrong.

Courtesy of the BBC
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