Where has all today’s upper cloud come from?

I can’t quite understand where a lot of today’s upper cloud seems to have come from across the UK. The laser cloud base recorders [LCBR] don’t seem to be able to pick it up and none of the SYNOP observations from across the country are reporting it. I realise that there are some small areas of stratocumulus down the northeast coast of Scotland and England, but to me most of it seems to be comprised of dense cirrus or cirrostratus. There are front’s to the west of the UK, and this upper cloud may well be the remains of one of those decaying frontal systems thats introducing increased moisture to produce this cloud. The combined visible and infrared animation seems to show frontal cloud streaming up the west coast of Ireland, with some of it getting caught up and sucked into a northerly flow down the spine of the country as it tries to advanced eastward. As usual the radiosonde ascent from Watnall is missing for 11 UTC so I can’t speculate on the cloud heights – good old Met Office. This is likely to be connected to the low humidities that are being reported across central England at the moment.

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