Where will the next high pop up?

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

Well we’ve had one fleeting high pressure, but that soon scooted off into the continent without taking up residence, will we get another? Well the ECMWF midnight run promises another again coming in from the west before moving to the north of IONA with a short northerly outbreak before winds veer around to the east behind a depression that tracks S’SE down across the UK on days eight, nine and ten. This tendency for blocking is picked up by the Met Office in their long range forecast, but reading between the lines they seem to think that high pressure will be centred across more southern areas rather than in the north of the UK. Apart from that their forecast contains the usual mix of coulds, shoulds and possibles in it plus the occasional kitchen sink. For the moment the pattern is still mobile and the highs are transient features, it will be interesting to see how things develop in April and see if the circulation does become blocked and possibly more meridional.

Courtesy of UKMO
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