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Courtesy UKMO

That crafty lot down in Exeter have invented a “pre-warm front” which they first added to their 00 UTC analysis. This then enabled them to explain away the band of rain across Ireland forecast in the NWP, and occlude the front without giving the low a true warm sector. This is all because they’ve insisted since the weekend that this frontal system was fully occluded even before the low had started to deepen and reach full maturity. I should have known from past experience that as an organisation they don’t back down, because they’ve never really gotten over the recriminations that followed the night of the 15th of October 1987 and are never wrong. As you can see I’ve modified their T+24 forecast chart by extending the warm front a fraction, and at the same time removing one of the fronts that Mr Occlusion has added to it, and in my opinion it looks a lot better for it!

Original courtesy UKMO
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