Whither Lorenzo

Courtesy of NHC

An interesting week ahead of us as hurricane Lorenzo makes an entrance stage left on Thursday. The latest model are not quite sure how to handle Lorenzo at the moment. This mornings GFS run wants to bend the track across western Ireland and take Lorenzo across the borders as a filling feature as the ridge collapses ahead of it. I somehow can’t believe this scenario, but if it does come off it will bring storm force southwesterlies into the republic of Ireland later on Thursday and the first named storm of the season – Atiyah – for pity’s sake.

It does remind me a little of Hurricane Debbie that arrived as a category 1 hurricane in Ireland on the 15th of September 1961 causing massive destruction and storm surge in western areas. Before anyone reminds me hurricanes cease to exist over cold water – not that anyone does contact me these days – please read this article by Kieran Hickey and Christina Connolly-Johnston first.

Courtesy of Wikipedia
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