Who says just how windy it’s going to get – BBC Meteogroup or the UKMO?

Courtesy BBC News

The BBC Meteogroup weathercasters just can’t seem to agree on just how windy it’ll get later today and tomorrow across the UK. Meteogroup are forecasting peak gusts of 85 mph on the Irish Sea coast across the northwest of Wales both this evening and tomorrow evening. This is 15 mph higher than the peak gusts of 70 mph in the yellow warning issued by the Met Office. Irrespective of who will end up being closer to the mark I did anticipate that there would be the danger of mixed signals when Meteogroup took up the BBC contract in April. 2017. Meanwhile the UKMO have been playing it cool with low Klaus after issuing their warning way back at 0952 UTC on Monday morning. I had expected them to crank up the gusts just a little yesterday, but they are trapped between a rock and a hard place because if they did then they would more than likely have to name it, and that would mean having to remove some egg of their face, and for an organisation that’s alway right, that’s not an easy thing to do. Would it have been so difficult for them to have given it a name? I am very surprised that the orange alert issued last night by Met Eireann didn’t trigger a named storm – it has in the past.

Courtesy UKMO
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