Who says where temperatures should be?

Louise Lear the queen of the euphemism was at it again in her afternoon weather forecast on the BBC news channel. She like Tomasz Schafernaker before her thinks any showers that fall are going to be wintry, and will only contain snow ‘with any elevation’ over the North of Scotland. Our lawn was covered white again half an hour ago by a moderate snow, and we are as low as you can go as far as elevation is concerned. She goes on to say that temperatures are going to ‘really struggle’ this week (another euphemism for staying cold) and adds that ‘we will start to see temperatures return to where they should be for this time of year’ a rather long winded way of saying that temperatures will return to normal. I’m not a great lover of this particular euphemism – who says where temperature should be and what’s normal.

What do you think?

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