Who’ll win the GB News weather contract?

The GB News streaming news service is hopefully going to stir up the way we watch and consume news on television across the UK. I can’t wait to get a credible alternative to the stale output from Breakfast and Good Morning Britain in the mornings brought to us by the BBC and ITV. Hopefully, when it launches shortly, it will also have Piers Morgan on board who was always worth a watch on GMB. The other big topic as someone with a passing interest in TV weather forecasts area concerned is:-

  1. Who will win the weather contract for their weather service?
  2. What format will the graphics and presentation take?
  3. Which weathercasters down at the UKMO, BBC and ITV have they poached to launch the service with?

  1. As for the providers of the weather service it maybe that Meteogroup will simply undercut the UKMO and win the contract just as they did at the BBC, but it maybe that the Met Office, who are still prickling after losing that BBC contract in 2018, are in a better position now that they’ve been providing services remotely to other TV networks. They could conceivably host the whole thing remotely from Exeter and then GB News wouldn’t have to worry about staffing or studio space, and let the Met Office take care of the graphics and data.
  2. Meteogroup and the UKMO both have their own graphics engines which are highly configurable. They are so configurable in fact that the UKMO still prefer to use a map projection that shrinks Scotland – Andrew Neil might have something to say about that. In this regard the Met Office could have an advantage because they already have the ability to broadcast remotely from Exeter. I am guessing that Meteogroup could do the same thing, but it might not be UK based, and because this is after all GB News that might not wash.
  3. As for who presents the forecast, that will depend on who gets the contract and if they are done in house or remotely of course. If the Met Office do get the contract and run it from Devon they already have the likes of Alex Deakin, Clare Nazir and Aidan McGivern on board. If GB News employ their own weathercasters you might well see the likes of Tomasz Schafernaker jump ship in the hope of increasing his celebrity status. He could be joined by John Hammond, it would be nice to see him back on TV again, and who knows Lucy Verasmy or Carol Kirkwood could be dark horse candidates. If Meteogroup get the contract and let GB News employ the presenters then any of the names that I’ve mentioned could be in the mix.

My only wish is that whichever presenter gets the job they are given more time to present their forecasts than they are at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Who’ll win the GB News weather contract?”

    1. You are probably right, but the adverts are a pain, as is the massive screen (obliquely set) they use for the weather. I could also moan about the map projection they continue to use that shrinks Scotland but I won’t. 🙂

      The trouble I find with BBC breakfast is spotting the time when the forecast is going to be shown. It’s not fixed, and it can vary by as much as 10 minutes. It has to takes its place behind the news headlines, business news, sports news and sometimes the headlines again.

      I flip between Al Jazeera and RT to get a different context on News these days. BBC news sometimes feels a bit more like a magazine of stories rather than just real news content.

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