Why did it take them so long to notice that Europe has been so mild?

I normally watch the weather spot at 2.30 PM each day on the BBC News channel on most days, it’s a real education, but why has it taken the BBC weathercasters so long to cotton on to the fact that it’s been so very mild across Europe, particularly Finland and western Russia? Chris Fawkes made it his set talking point this afternoon, and I thought he was going to bring up the likely cause as being down to the jet stream, you remember that fast moving ribbon of air high up in the atmosphere, but no, apparently the big driver according to him for the very mild temperatures across Europe this winter is the North Atlantic Oscillation, he’s obviously a secret reader of xmetman. I think it’s often the case with spells of extreme temperature that the event often doesn’t come to light until well after it happens, and so it’s been with this one, very few people spotted it until well after it happened.

Courtesy of the BBC
A very surprised, even startled Chris Fawkes
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