Why has October 2020 been so cold?

1 – 19 October 2020
Mean Temperature and Mean Sea Level Pressure Anomalies

Why has October 2020 been so cold up until now? The reason why temperature anomalies have been three degrees below average across central France is that mean pressure during the month has maintained a low pressure in the central North Sea, and around it a cold cyclonic northwesterly circulation has fed air across the UK and on into western Europe. The low itself is wedged between two anticyclones, the Azores high to the west (1024.9 hPa) and a more intense high (1029.7 hPa) over Kazakhstan to the east. It’s also interesting to see that the strong southwesterly flow up the eastern seaboard of America has flooded mild air north into Greenland, producing large anomalies of +8.5°C across central Greenland. This warming is not dissimilar to the levels of warming seen there in November 2019.

Thermograph for central France
Thermograph for central Greenland
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