Why is it that highs never stick around?

Why is it that high pressure never seems to stick around for very long? Well I suppose the obvious answer to that is that low pressure systems rarely lets them. Perhaps weather charts are dominated and controlled by low pressure more than we think, and high pressure are just a by product. Low pressure systems fill and highs pressure systems decline and that’s just the nature of the beast. Apart from that, if an anticyclone does turn up across IONA it’s invariably cloudy with a front straddled through the middle of it. As you can probably tell, I like a lot of others miss the company of high pressure for a week or so. Well whatever the answer to the question of why highs never stick around is, it looks highly likely that this will prove be the case yet again this week, when the latest anticyclone decides to pay us a fleeting visit to our shores.

Latest forecast suite of charts courtesy of the UKMO
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