Why not tell it like it is – it’s cold!

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I hate some euphemisms and the use of ‘temperatures really struggling’ and ‘double figures’ really hides the fact that the weathercaster for whatever reason is hesitant to use that good old fashioned word cold. I would say at a glance that a good 80% of IONA has negative anomalies at 12 UTC, some as low as -3°C to -5°C close to North Sea coasts. It’s no good ignoring them, those temperatures are low for late April, and combined with the moderate to fresh northeasterly across the northeast of Scotland produce are producing low wind chill values, infact at Inverbervie the were negative at 12 UTC. If I were presenting the national weather forecast this lunchtime, my emphasis would be as much on the cold as Louise Lears was on April showers. When are we going to see a weathercaster who tells it like it is?

Wind Chill
Temperature & Anomalies

Obviously Louise Lear must have been on leave earlier this month (or maybe she was just looking the other way) when we had at least five days of ‘April showers’ streaming down across the north of Scotland (5th to the 9th). But never let the facts get in way of a good story line eh Louise? These April showers took the form of snow showers in our part of the world, which I think I documented quite well in the blog sat the time. It’s a very long time since I’ve seen that many snow showers in a day, let alone a period of five successive days. Of course as the rainfalls for this month show large parts further south never saw any of these showers which explains a lot.

Courtesy BBC

Here’s a sampler of the weather radar images from a day earlier this April to jog her memory.

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  1. We are building up to COP26, & as the whole jamboree was built on a hypothesis of ‘Global Warming’, anyone who breaks rank & mentions cooling will be removed or de-platformed (as many scientists have found to their cost).
    The juggernaut is now seen to be to big to fail because of the loss of face & careers in both the scientific & political worlds.
    This is telling, on lots of levels –

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