Why the UKMO need to ditch the yellow blobs of custard

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The Met Office issued a couple of yellow warnings today for the north of Scotland on Thursday, one for snow and one for rain. I can fully understand the reason why they’ve done it, but it does look a little bit ridiculous, with the two areas intersecting over Aberdeenshire and the area around the Black Isle in the clear. Wouldn’t it be easier to use a GIS system to display postcode warning areas similar to how the DWD in Germany and the NWS in America do it to delineate warning areas? The postcode of people who subscribe to receive alerts of weather warnings would then make it easier to know whether to send them an alert. Beside the cluttering of multiple overlaid warnings that we have at the moment, this is another example of why the UKMO need to ditch the yellow blobs of custard and rethink their NSWWS as soon as possible.

Just as an aside the yellow snow warning for Thursday runs just to the west of Strathpeffer as they quite often do. So far the snow showers that we have seen this morning have put down four centimetres of snow. I’m not sure why this snow would change to rain after midnight as this low tracks north and the fact that we are in the gap between warning areas doesn’t really help.

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  1. Don’t worry, they’ll soon be replaced by blobs of red jelly to indicate an ‘unprecedented’ something or other (that’s normal, natural & cyclical ) .

    God only knows what they’ll produce when they are given colored crayons & paint to go with the Lego models !

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