I have found one more very useful service for people, who like me, download SYNOP observational data from around the world. This time the service is not directly from another European agency like Copernicus, but maintained by the World Meteorological Organisation, who with the help of the ECMWF have developed a viewer to monitor and quality control SYNOP observations for both timeliness and accuracy from all around the world. So it’s time for yet another acronym, this time it’s WDQMS which stands for WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System, and I can assure you that the WIGOS bit has nothing to do with hair pieces or toupees – but stands for the WMO Integrated Global Observing System. The WMO in my opinion are a pretty ineffectual organisation as far as I am concerned, and this viewer is probably one of the more useful things that they’ve come up with. Why is it with all these initiatives involving warnings and monitoring systems that I’ve looked at today do I get the feeling the UKMO are conspicuous by their absence in any of them.

I think the new WDQMS viewer is excellent and will be very useful for checking out SYNOP or upper air observations that go missing especially in and around the UK. It also highlight the parts of the world that historically have never liked SYNOP observations, thank goodness at least for now Europe generally has a very high standard with regard to them.

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