Winds over Ireland

Taking a quick look back at the maximum gusts over Ireland from storm Lorenzo for yesterday, and if anything the Met Eireann warning was overdone for both gusts and means speeds in both yellow and amber areas. I do like how Met Eireann specifically mention mean speeds as well as gusts because I personally think it’s just as important.

Courtesy of Met Eireann

On the other hand the yellow warning for Northern Ireland from the Met Office missed the mark completely, and fell short of even the minimum of 50 mph they mentioned. I’ll cover the other yellow warning they have in force for the southwest of England (gusts to 65 mph) when the scores are in – and I don’t think it’ll be a 10 from Len!

Courtesy of UKMO

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the thresholds they use for strong wind warnings which differ from region to region across the UK. Are the Northern Isles anymore sparsely populated than around the coast of Northern Island? The Met Office seem to have no qualms about disregarding a severe gale over the Northern Isles on the 15th of September for instance. Take a look at the hourly wind speeds (in knots) from Lerwick on Shetland, an Island with a population of 22,000 and you’ll notice the maximum gusts are 69 mph (60 knots) and not 55 to 60 mph, with a full gale or severe gale running for 14 hours.

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