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I have never noticed until today but now allow you to visualise weather warnings for across Europe and the world. If you haven’t seen the Windy web application then you’re in for a real treat, because it’s just a marvel of sophistication and good web design allowing you to visualise just about any kind of forecast and observational weather in a map or meteogram, and something that some of the larger Met Services around the world should aspire to with their own websites.

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Having done all this trumpet blowing for them, I’m not altogether sure where some of the warning areas marked on the map come from. For instance in the above screenshot I can see that they are displaying the UK yellow warnings from the Met Office for rain on Saturday, but for today as far as I know no strong wind warning has been issued by the Met Office. In the area they’ve outlined across western Scotland for today, winds are already gusting close to 50 mph so there probably should be a warning in force! Perhaps they use the NWP model to gauge if a warning is merited, Met Office please take note! One thing I do know is that their web interface is much better than the rather dated EUMETNET Meteoalarm website which bring together warnings from all the European weather services into one place.

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