Winter 2019-20 frost analysis

Not unsurprisingly the north of Scotland saw up to 30 nights with air frost in what has been a very mild Winter. There are a dozen or so coastal sites around the IONA that got away with a frost free winter including places such as Fair Isle in the north, Ronaldsway, St Bees head, Aberporth, Camborne and the Channel Isles in the south. Looking further afield at ice days across western Europe (below) and though it was exceptionally mild across the whole of Europe and Scandinavia this winter, there were still plenty of days when the temperature failed to get above zero, but it only occurred at three low level stations in the IONA. I am just a little suspicious of the high numbers across the north of Finland, but these figure are usually based just on the 06-18 maximum and 18-06 minimum from the SYNOP reports.

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