World record pressure of 1091.9 hpa in Mongolia?

00 UTC 29 December 2020

The air pressure measured at Tosontsengel in Mongolia is causing a bit of a stir on Twitter at the moment. At 00 UTC it was 1091.9 hPa, and it could set a new world record for air pressure if ratified by the WMO. Tosontsengel is of course is high on the Mongolian plateau at 1,723 M amsl. The pressure there, as it is at most stations adjusted for temperature and height to what it would be if Tosontsengel was at sea level. The station is closer to the 850 hPa level so the adjustment that is made is very large and the temperatures are low (-44°C at 00 UTC) . According to the Tweet by Mike Adcock the current record is 1084.8 hPa so the values I’ve ringed in yellow are all in excess of that record. Don’t be too concerned with the contouring of the MSLP, it often looks like this in central Asia during winter due to the elevation and the intense cold, and high values above 1070 hPa can occur during the winter months. There are some dodgy pressures plotted here, but identifying the bad ones is almost impossible to do. I’ll let you make your mind up about the veracity of the observations from Tosontsengel, from what I can see they report a good three hourly SYNOP observation. I also notice that Wikipedia has another take on the highest pressure and Tosontsengel saying:

The highest barometric pressure ever recorded on Earth was 1,085.7 hectopascals (32.06 inHg), measured in Tosontsengel on 19 December 2001.[1]

Courtesy of Mike Adcock and Twitter
Thermograph and Barograph for last 10 days
Recent plotted observations

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