Wrong – check the Baltasound observations

Courtesy BBC

As far as I know Shetland is till apart of the United Kingdom, but so often it’s forgotten by weathercasters, as it was this evening by Chris Fawkes in his prerecorded forecast broadcast every thirty minutes on the BBC news channel. Chris reckons that overnight minimum temperatures will be in the range of 2°C to 9°C across the whole of the UK tonight. He should have taken care to notice that maximum temperatures have struggled to get above freezing across much of mainland northern Scotland today, and this evening the coldest place where in the Shetland Isles, with Baltasound reporting -6.1°C and Lerwick reporting -4.0°C at 20 UTC this evening, which I must say is rather unusual for islands surrounded by sea with SST of round 8°C.

The trouble with this modern breed of forecaster is that the only thing that they are interested in is the model, and rarely pay attention to observational data especially if it’s from north of the border. If he had looked he might have noticed that temperatures at Baltasound have been falling since 10 UTC this morning which is rather exceptional.

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