Yet another mild spring in central England

I made the mean temperature for the spring of 2019 [MAM] 9.35°C which was almost identical to the spring of last year, with a anomaly of +1.11°C above the 1961-1990 LTA. Although it was mild there was only one notable warm spell to speak of in mid April, which in itself didn’t break any existing records for the series, having said that there were four consecutive days with maxima in excess of 8°C above the daily average. There were a couple of minor colder interludes which produced six nights of frost mainly in early April.

The inescapable fact that glaringly stares out at you when you look at a graph for springs since 1772, is that all but two of the springs in the last 31 years have been mild and several of them very mild with anomalies close to +2°C.

As an aside, one thing that moving to Scotland has brought home to me since moving back to Scotland, which may sound obvious, is that CET doesn’t always reflect temperatures in Scotland. I would say at a guess that spring temperatures in northern Scotland have been much closer to average. If I can find three long running temperature series, I would like to put together my own Central Scotland Temperature series to use as a comparison data series with CET.

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