You say hello and high says goodbye

The Bank Holiday high doesn’t seem to want to stick around for very long according to the ECMWF, and by Tuesday it’s back to business as usual with a return to showery weather across IONA. April and May have been as different as chalk and cheese weatherwise this year, but as we near the end of May it looks like June has other ideas. It reminds me of the (anti) weather lore about the moon that refutes any notion that there’s a link between it’s phase and the weather.

The Moon and the weather may change together,
But a change in the Moon does not change the weather.


It will be interesting to see if June does bring a change to more anticyclonic type or if we’ll see three consecutive colder than average months. If not I suppose we could rewrite it to read.

The month and weather may change together,
But a change of month does not change the weather.


Apologies for the rather dreadful headline worthy of the Daily Mail.

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