November 2020 – sunshine

Another dull month in parts of the north and west much sunnier in the east and south.

Who do you believe?

A big range of snow depths from four of the leading NWP models for by the time we get to Saturday – but which one should we believe?

Difficult to fathom

It’s difficult to fathom the logic in how the Met Office treat dense fog in their warnings system. All that fuss earlier this week about fog and then when its just as widespread this morning they …

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Heatstroke, sunburn AND windburn all in one go !!

The spring is warming up down under with temperatures of 40°C and 10 minute mean wind speeds of 30 knots or more at Sydney airport. Nice refreshing sea breeze at 07 UTC this evening.

Lerwick Observatory

When I went looking for the ‘observatory’ in Lerwick I imagined it to be a old Victorian stone building similar to the observatory down at Eskdalemuir. That might have been the case once upon a time …

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Coldest night of the autumn

There is quite a contrast across the chart as far as overnight minimum temperatures are concerned.I think I am right in saying that the -6.1°C recorded at Aboyne made it the coldest night of the Autumn.

Fog or no fog?

It will be interesting to see just how much the SC sheet that’s feeding in from the northwest will interfere with the formation of the widespread fog that’s anticipated for later this evening and overnight. NWP …

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