1-2 Mar 2021 – overnight min of -6.6°C at Altnharra

As well as a moderate frost with a minimum of -6.6°C at Altnaharra last night, there was also a range of 17.3°C from yesterday afternoon’s maximum of 10.7°C. That was not quite as high as the 18.4°C of the previous day at nearby Tain. The warmest place was on Cairngorm, with what turned out to be a hotly disputed maximum of 18.9°C above the inversion. I was tempted to go out last night along the Peffery way to see if I could spy a glimpse of the aurora, but although the evening was extremely clear with Orion standing out I wasn’t successful. Having the sheer bulk of the Ben Wyvis massif to the north of the village does block out the lowest bit of the horizon. I haven’t done the maths but it may be three or four degrees or even more that are obscured, and if the aurora has little vertical extent you just won’t see it. I didn’t take a torch but once clear of the village lights I had to feel my way with my shoes to stay on the path in the pitch dark.

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