1 Apr 2021 – clear versus dusty

Courtesy NASA Worldview

The stark contrast between the air over southern England made hazy by Saharan dust and the clear air across northern Scotland is quite apparent in this lunchtimes visible satellite image of the UK from NASA Worldview. I know which I would rather have. Contrast how clear the air is across the north with the dusty air in the south. It seems to me that we’ve only just come to realise just how much we are affected with dust and smoke in the atmosphere in recent years. As well as turning blue skies milky white the chart of hourly solar radiation gives you some idea of how it can affect that as well as surface temperature.

Originally tweeted by Mark Parrington (@m_parrington) on 31 March 2021.

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  1. Saharan dust deposited here in Wembury, SW Devon at 1900 BST in very light shower. It has left velux windows spotty.

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