14 Jan 2021 – 06 UTC analysis

An interesting 06 UTC analysis this morning. You can still find the warm sector and the triple point now with its own discrete centre across Merseyside. The occlusion extends north to Stornoway straddling the west coast. There are only six snow depths across IONA reporting a snow depth but how may AWS now have sensors I don’t know. There must be at least three inches of snow on the ground at the moment. The snow yesterday evening petered out and only really started again around 05 UTC. The snow which although although mainly slight is steadily falling and temperatures are hovering just above freezing. The snow seems to have made no difference to the speed of the early morning commuters on the A834 outside our house, they still pay little regard to the 30 mph speed limit through the village even though the road is snow covered. I’m sure it’s just a question of time before there’s an RTA out there.

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