2019 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone season

Tropical cyclones 2019

Looking at the HURDAT2 the dataset for North Atlantic tropical cyclones since 1851 which has just been released by NOAA, there were twenty tropical cyclones in 2019, eleven of them made it to tropical cyclone and seven of them to hurricane, two of which reached category five status, hurricane’s Dorian and Lorenzo. The 2019 tropical cyclone season in the North Atlantic ranked 30th measured by total ACE, which was slightly above average as seasons go which is good going after what was a slow start. If you remember Lorenzo was the one that made it to the UK as an extratropical cyclone, having said that so did Sebastien. Hurricane Dorian was the real biggie and lasted almost 16 days with an ACE score of 55.5 in it’s own right, that was the one that caused so much devastation across the Bahamas.

Tropical cyclone seasons (2019-1960)
North Atlantic tropical cyclones 2019
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