2019 second best to 2016 globally

I thought I would get in on the action before the rest of the media circus get in on the act and announce that according to my unofficial DIY global temperature calculations, 2019 with a global mean temperature of 9.96°C ended up second best to 2016 (10.02°C). The other thing I would like to get of my chest is that my prediction a while back that December (9.07°C) might have been the warmest on record, but I’m afraid I came unstuck on that one, and December 2019 also ended up second best this time to the December of 2015 (9.11°C). It seems global temperatures are still playing catch up after three slightly cooler years, and it might take another year of warming before they reach 2016 levels.

Looking at my DIY daily 365 day average of global temperature series and the trend in the second half of 2019 is up. The linear trend for the last 30 years is showing a warming rate of +0.26°C per decade which is quite phenomenal. To keep that rate up the 365 day average is going to have to put a spurt on through 2020 just to keep up.

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