2020 – very mild, very wet & sunny

Raw data courtesy UKMO

I don’t often agree with the Met Office, but I can’t argue with them in the headlines in their latest news blog when they say that 2020 has been a remarkable year as far as weather is concerned. The year 2020 finished up third warmest, sixth wettest and eighth sunniest in the gridded data series that now extends back to 1884 for temperature, 1862 for rainfall and 1929 for sunshine. My auto text algorithm summed up 2020 perfectly by saying it was very mild, very wet and sunny.

5 thoughts on “2020 – very mild, very wet & sunny”

  1. “All top-ten warmest years on record for the UK have occurred since 2002, and 2020 has continued to be consistent with this pattern. The general trend of warming as a consequence of climate change is clearly to be seen, not just at a global level, but in our own national temperature records too.”

    Is what the evidence/data/observations show, it is what my observations show, and I’ve no doubt Stott is correct to say what he does.

    1. I totally agree that 2020 was certainly an unusual year.
      But climate variables are a bit like rolling three dice – you’re going to get three sixes now and again!

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