25 Apr 2021 – 12 UTC temperatures, anomalies, differences and wind chill

After a rather cold start with a touch of frost it’s another sunny day across Scotland again today. Some persistent SC across eastern parts of England and East Anglia and a moderate NE’ly breeze are keeping temperatures down on what they were yesterday. 12 UTC temperature anomalies are around 1°C or 2°C lower than the LTA, but further west in IONA, across western Ireland and parts of the northwest Highlands temperatures are around 4°C to 7°C above the LTA once again.

Wind chill close to the east coast of England and Ireland is making it feel more like 5°C or 6°C rather than the 9°C or 10°C that temperatures actually are.

Don’t take the contours too literally over the sea

Temperatures are lower generally today apart from many stations across Scotland.

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