28-29 Jan 2021 – 24 hour accumulations

We are missing the Stornoway radar up in this part of the world as you can see from the last 24 hours accumulations of precipitation. I say precipitation, because for the last 24 hours it’s been a mix of sleet or snow which never really settled on lower ground. It did put down a slushy cover in the late afternoon in Strathpeffer, but as the wind increased and pulled milder air up from the Firth, temperatures climbed to around 1.5°C and have remained there right though the night. Just a degree or so colder and this 20 mm plus of rain would have been 20 cm plus of snow. We sometimes don’t realise how much of our climate is controlled by the warmth of the seas that surrounds us. The yellow warning for heavy rain for Aberdeen down to Fife (18-12 UTC) has only really happened closer to Aberdeen so far. The UKMO seem to be on red alert since last August because of recent flooding events that caused landslips across rail lines in Scotland.


I noticed that before 10 UTC this morning the yellow warning for heavy rain for eastern Scotland was rather craftily deleted by the Great Oz.

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