31.7°C drop in temperature in Denver

12 Hour temperature difference

The massive drop in temperature overnight in Denver, Colorado (1656 M AMSL) overnight already seems to be one of the worst kept weather secrets in social media at the moment. The plotted chart above of temperature differences shows some very large 12 hour changes in temperature across many high level stations of the Rocky mountains. The reported 18-00 maximum at Denver Airport yesterday evening was 33.9°C, and the 06-12 UTC minimum temperature 2.2°C, making a range of 31.7°C in just 18 hours or so. There was another very large diurnal range at nearby Cheyenne (1872 M AMSL) of 31.1°C where the temperature fell from a maximum of 30.0°C on the 7th to a minimum of -1.1°C on the 8th in slight snow.

Denver Colorado
Cheyenne Wyoming
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