A quite anticyclonic spell for the start of autumn? – forget it.

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

The weather across IONA in the next week or so, according to the latest NWP forecast from the ECMWF, is in an even more changeable mood that it usually is as we approach the autumn equinox next Tuesday. Some call them equinoctial gales other just seem as examples of the vagaries of the British weather. The belt of high pressure we have over the country at the moment is forecast to withdraw to the continent by Tuesday of next week ahead of a cold front that advances steadily southeast across the country. This cold front is helped along by a low over Iceland and its origins can be traced back to hurricane Sally. Once that cold front clears this opens the doors for a depression (977 hPa) to track eastward across Ireland and central England during Thursday and Friday of next week.

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